Update My Contact Information - Log-in > click "More" at the top of the menu bar >
click "My Profile", input the correct information > click "Update"

Please include your room number in the address line to avoid delivery errors, no information
or incorrect information could possibly delay delivery of projects.

Disable The Pop-up Blocker - Once your order is submitted, the job ticket will open in a
new window. If the job ticket does not appear, the pop-up blocker needs to be turned off.
Check the top of your internet browser window for a quick 'turn off pop-ups button', otherwise you must disable it manually through your browsers menu bar.

Please contact your campus tech support for further assistance.

Edit or Cancel a Submitted Order - Call Printing Services at (909) 384-4313 with your job number ready and ask to cancel or place your order on hold. You may later edit your ticket
and re-submit the order.

Track My Order - Log in > click "My Orders" located on the menu bar. A list of your jobs
will appear with a status row showing where in the production process your job is currently located.


Duplicate A Previous Order - Click "My Orders" located on the menu bar > select job by clicking "Edit", an Edit Print Order screen will appear. Update the due date, quantity and
delivery location (if necessary) > click "Save", several button options will appear at the top
of your screen > click "Submit Order"


Update My Site Location - Have you changed campuses or departments? Please contact Printshop supervisor Anna Mendez at 384-3412 or with your new information so that your site and budget code can be updated.


Add/Update A Budget Account Code - Contact Printshop supervisor Anna Mendez at
384-4312 or If you choose to email, please include the account 
code and name of the person(s) authorized to approve orders from this account.








Quick Copy
Allows for easy ordering of classroom materials. Paper stocks and finishing options are streamlined and instructional materials are delivered within 2-4 business days from the
order receipt date (depending on seasonal demands). Instructional materials are delivered
twice a day via the District Warehouse mail delivery.

You can attach your electronic files to the order form or send hardcopy originals using
inter-campus mail to the Printshop: Quick Copy Department.



Custom Printing / Color Copy
Custom Printing allows for the reproduction of materials that require color inks, specialty papers, and various sizes
. Job requests should be submitted 10 days in advance of the requested due date. (ASAP/Rush options may not be available)


The online store allows you to order white and color copy paper, campus department printed stationery, pre-printed pads, and various district and campus forms.